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Axtoyscentury Mystery Box Ichiban Kuji Mode Are Start Running! Now all our Fans can try their luck draw the Funko with more confident and transparent! For this game will have  A ,B ,C ,D, E, F, G, H, ,I ,J, K Prize for you to Draw it! and Most Aesome Thing is it will be a LAST PRIZE with high value for the person that get last Ticket! Faster Come have a Try!

Game Link :


How To Play?

1) Go to Game Page Register An Account.

2) Top Up Ax Coins By Purchase Ticket On Webstore Here or do Online FPX on Game Page

3) Bakc to Game Page and you can choose either Purchase “1 Ticket”, “3 Tickets” ,”10 Tickets” or “Sapu Semua”

4) The Prize will come out On the Spot!


How to Top up?

1) 2 Method for Top up. one is input Voucher Code and another one is direct using FPX Services

2) Voucher Code can be purchase from our Webstore or Shopee.

How to Arrange Shipment?

1) After you Draw the Item, the item will store inside your Cart!

2) You can select multiple item to ship or self pick up together

3) By default, if you didnt arrange the item inside your cart within 30 days. we will directly ship to your defaul address


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